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Stretching Kids’ Ears

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Does your kid need to be on trend?

It is Hip, its cute and can be, oh so damaging.

Lets talk ear lobe stretches for children. A new hot fad for all of the young parents out there is to gauge their children’s ears. Lets start with a little growth science, when your child is a baby through their toddler years they are still developing. This means that any modification done to them during this pivotal developmental stage will compromise their immune system. Making it more difficult for your child to fight off infection while the ears attempt to heal. Furthermore, we have no idea how your child’s body is going to change after puberty, so it is difficult to proceed with a modification that may not look good into their adulthood.

So think about it long and hard before considering the modification of your child’s body. During the process of stretching, the earlobes go through the same healing process as if you just had them freshly pierced. So the same immune issues can be a problem as the lobes heal, also, no matter how clean you think your kids are, they still harbor germs that can aggravate their newly stretched ears. The next important reason why stretching your child’s ears too early, is the “point of no return”, each individual is different and we have no way of knowing if it will heal back to a standard size. To repair the earlobe to a standard size after stretching beyond “the point of no return” you may have to under go a surgical process of reforming the lobes.

There is much to consider when wanting a body modification. We ask that you think before you act and be safe! If you are going to have it done we prefer you go to a professional to have your child’s ears pierced, never the mall, department stores and never a doctor’s office. Make sure the facility is clean, regulated and reputable and the piercer is knowledgeable and experienced in piercing minors’ ears.

So remember kids, just because it is cool, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea!

Safe earlobe jewelry.