Tim Arndt tattoo artist

Born in California & raised in Colorado, Tim Arndt received a formal art education and a BFA from the Metropolitan State University of Denver with a concentration in painting. Tim started tattooing in 2019, but has been drawing since as far back as he can remember. Tim loves to watch & tattoo Cartoons, American Traditional, Country & Western, and just about anything else within his comfort zone. Tim is chill and tall and wants to tattoo you.

Our artists schedule their own consultations and appointments.

contact Tim Arndt

Contact Tim through email at: catfish.tim.tattoos@gmail.com

All appointments require a $100 cash deposit that is non refundable. The deposit comes off the total cost of the tattoo, and anchors your appointment in the schedule. Deposits are cash only.

Tim is willing to tattoo minors, 16 and up with Parental Consent and all updated legal paperwork. Paperwork consists of matching last names & addresses on government issued photo ID’s. If last names or addresses do not match, then a physical birth certificate is required. Minors can ONLY get tattooed on arms and legs. Tim has ultimate discretion on what the minor is getting and where. 

All appointments require a Deposit, paid in person to hold your appointment time.  Deposit amount is up to the artist. All deposits are non-refundable but go towards the cost of your completed tattoo. Two ways to lose your deposit: No call No show, Not Providing 48 hour cancellation notice.

Artist Schedule

Fridays – Tuesdays 12pm-8pm
Sundays 12pm-6pm.

Contact for availability. Cash Only.

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