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Travis Koenig Bio:

Travis is an accomplished tattoo artist and has been refining his craft since 1998. Immersed in arts since his childhood, he has been developing his style through his painting and tattoo work. Travis feels tattooing is extremely rewarding, bringing focus to his many talents while introducing him to new ideas. He loves to create unique, custom  visions to enhance his clients’ canvasses.

Travis prefers large-scale tattoo work with great detail and meaning. His pieces focus on  decorative tattoos, including flowers, leaves, ornaments, animals, skulls, mythological beasts, creatures, gods, Asian-style art, and anything beautiful and natural. He spends a great amount of time designing custom work to create a tattoo that is rewarding artistically and visually stunning to you, the client, for many years to come. Prints of Travis Koenig’s work are available at Bound By Design.


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Travis only tattoos original custom designs, so to book an appointment, please contact him directly for a consultation. At the consultation, a deposit of $150-$300 is required to hold your tattoo appointment time. Please be informed that Travis is booked months in advance.
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